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Overpricing and appraisals:  Why overpricing can kill your sale and how do appraisals play a role in getting your home sold.

Commissions matter: Why does paying a fair commission rate attract more buyers even though the buyers don't pay the fee?  


Meet Mike Doman:  ​See why you should choose Mike Doman for all of your real estate needs.


For Sale by Owner:  What are the pitfalls of trying to sell your property on your own and why hiring a realtor is well worth the commission.

Outtakes and Bloopers:  Watch this for a good laugh!

Video Blog

I have compiled some videos below that you may find helpful in preparing to sell your home or when looking to buy a new or existing home.  Many of these ideas come from my extensive background in Real Estate financing.  If you know of friends or family looking to buy or sell, please share any of these videos that you think may be helpful to them.